Особенности наших туров:

  1. Группа из 2-6 человек
  2. Транспорт: легковой автомобиль
  3. Водитель-экскурсовод
  4. Базовая длительность туров: один-два дня (или по желанию заказчика)

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Toronto, My Love!

We are eager to share our knowledge of this fascinating city with you. Its History cannot compete with the ones of the ancient European cities, but it has some special features which make you respect and admire this city. For such a short period of time, only two hundred years, the city has developed from an Indian meeting place into the super modern center of arts, culture, tourism and technologies.

Let us invite you along on a guided tour in and around Toronto which has a myriad of exciting and appealing attractions.

Just have a glance into the Past – year of 1800 - you’ll see only 400 people in the place called York (the first name of Toronto). Their life was not easy but they loved to have fun and 6 taverns were regularly attended by the European settlers of the closest neighbourhood.

In the course of the tour we’ll see Fort York and you’ll get to know about war actions on its territory and which of the Indian tribes helped Canadians in the war of 1812.

Do you happen to know that Ernest Hemingway stayed in Toronto? We can have a drink in the small cozy restaurant under his name and feel the spirit of the famous writer.

You will experience a breathtaking view of the modern Toronto from the CN Tower (553.3 m/1815 ft/  high). 

We would be happy to take you around showing my favourite sights, picturesque streets and squares full of unique architectural details and reveal some of the mysteries. If you have any special preferences or interests just let me know and we can include into our tour the following features of your choice:


  1. The Pioneer Village “Black Creek Village” – collection of historic houses of the 18-19 centuries, keeping alive a traditional lifestyle and giving you an overview of the life of the first settlers from Europe and the USA (from May 1 to December 20)
  2. Art galleries and museums (The Royal Ontario Museum, Bata Shoe Museum, Casa Loma, Gibson House, Hockey Hall of Fame, etc.)
  3. Chinatown – shopping street with a specific Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai features
  4. Little cozy cafe’s, restaurants and coffee shops (see my tour “All You Can Eat”)
  5. Parks and gardens (in summer)
  6. The most fascinating old Churches
  7. Best Bowling places or Billiards places (or both)
  8. Russian Bania (sauna)“Sanduny” and Russian restaurant “Red Square”

We design our excursions to avoid crowds with a focus on local culture, important historical sights and areas of special interest such as art, history, shopping or cuisine.

Included: Transportation in the automobile and personalized tour guide services. Pick up and drop off at the place convenient for the client.

Entrance tickets are not included. Meals are not included.