Особенности наших туров:

  1. Группа из 2-6 человек
  2. Транспорт: легковой автомобиль
  3. Водитель-экскурсовод
  4. Базовая длительность туров: один-два дня (или по желанию заказчика)

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Downtown Toronto – Central Island

(May 29 – September 1, 2012)

Let us invite you along on a guided tour in and around Toronto, which has a myriad of exciting and appealing attractions.

Toronto is a fascinating city. Its History cannot compete with the ones of the ancient European cities, but it has some special features, which make you respect and admire this city. For such a short period of time, only two hundred years, the city has developed from an Indian meeting place into the super modern center of arts, culture, tourism and technologies.

Just have a glance into the Past – year of 1800 - you’ll see only 400 people in the place called York (the first name of Toronto).

In the course of the tour we’ll see Fort York and you’ll get to know about war actions on its territory and which of the Indian tribes helped Canadians in the war of 1812.  Fort York is best known as the location where the Battle of York came to its violent climax in 1813 during the War of 1812. The Fort served as the city's primary harbour defense between the 1790s and the 1880s, and was the home of a military garrison until the 1930s.

From Fort York we will travel to have some fun on Toronto Island – Just a few minutes away by ferry, Centre Island is home to Centreville Amusement Park and other family-friendly attractions, loads of green space, bicycle paths, eateries and more.

Admire the secluded lakeside charm and beauty for centuries. Considered a place of leisure and relaxation to native peoples, the peninsula and surrounding sand-bars were only first surveyed in 1792 by Lieutenant Bouchette of the British Navy. The sand-bars have and continue to be an important ecosystem to birds and other wildlife.

If you wish we can rent bikes by the hour (standard, tandem and quad cycles) near the Pier to ride the many bike trails throughout the island. In case of the quad cycles, you can drive it in a jolly company of four and do not spend much effort. We can also rent a canoe or kayak from the Boat Rental near the shrubbery maze and see the island from another point of view.

In case you come with children, we can have fun in a popular kids' attraction Centreville Amusement Park with its Ferris wheel, water slide and miniature golf course, train rides & the island’s petting zoo.

If you are hungry, there are lots of nice places to have meals, such as Shopsy’s Island Deli Bar and Grill right beside the ferry docks with an unparalleled city skyline view, the Carousel Cafe near Centreville, and the Rectory Cafe, a hidden gem tucked in off the boardwalk near Ward’s Island.

Included: Transportation in the automobile and personalized tour guide services. Pick up and drop off at the place convenient for the client.

Entrance tickets are not included. Meals are not included.