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Downtown Toronto - Casa Loma – Black Creek Village

(from May 1 to December 20, 2012)

This tour allows to follow the development of the glorious city of Toronto from the first white settlement of a hundred people to a modern center of arts, culture, tourism and technologies with the present population of 2,5 million of inhabitants in Greater Toronto Area.

Feel the spirit of the Black Creek Pioneer Village – an outstanding collection of heritage homes, workshops, community, and farm buildings from across south central Ontario. Each of the Village's original buildings has been restored and furnished to recapture its original ambiance and demonstrate how settlers used it in 1820-1860.

You will see how the blacksmith is working in his shop, how the weaver is weaving the cloth, how the wheat is being processed into the flour at the Roblin’s Mill - the only operating stone mill in Toronto. Roblin's Mill was built in 1842 by Owen Roblin, the grandson of a United Empire Loyalist, and in August 1984 a new wheel made of white oak and weighing 6000 pounds was installed.  

Also you can visit the Black Creek Historic Brewery -  a brewery operating, as it would have been in the mid-1800s. There you can taste authentic period ales and stay afterwards to enjoy a cold pint in the cozy on-site pub, or take home a Growler of beer - a 64-ounce refillable jug that was commonly used in the 1800s to transport beer.

Black Creek Pioneer Village is more than a collection of buildings and artifacts. Here, you will become immersed in the lifestyles, customs, and surroundings of early residents who built the foundations for modern Toronto and Ontario at the typical crossroads community village found in the Toronto area during the 1800's.

The next step in the History is the beginning of the twentieth century – and the most fascinating example of this period is Casa Loma (Spanish for Hill House), which is a Gothic Revival style house in midtown Toronto,  now a museum and landmark. It was originally a residence for financier Sir Henry Mill Pellatt. Casa Loma was constructed over a three-year period from 1911–1914.


The house cost approximately $3.5 million and took a team of 300 workers three years to build from start to finish. Unfortunately, due to the start of World War I, construction on the house was halted. At 98 rooms, it was the largest private residence in Canada.

Sir Henry was able to enjoy life in the house for less than ten years, leaving in 1923. It was later operated for a short time as a luxury hotel. During the late 1920s Casa Loma was also a popular nightspot.
Casa Loma has five acres of gardens. An underground tunnel connects Casa Loma to the Hunting Lodge and to The Stables.

Eventually, from the beginning of the 20th century we will move to the downtown Toronto of the 21st century and will admire a mixture of its beautiful skyscrapers and historical buildings, have a walk along Yonge street, the longest in Canada, which divides the city into western and eastern parts. You will see historical and modern buildings, theatres, lots of souvenir shops and a huge shopping complex - Eaton Mall.

I would be happy to take you around showing my favourite sights, picturesque streets and squares full of unique architectural details, and reveal some of the mysteries. If you have any special preferences or interests just let me know and we can include features of your choice into our tour.

Included: Transportation in the automobile and personalized tour guide services. Pick up and drop off at the place convenient for the client.

Entrance tickets are not included. Meals are not included.