Особенности наших туров:

  1. Группа из 2-6 человек
  2. Транспорт: легковой автомобиль
  3. Водитель-экскурсовод
  4. Базовая длительность туров: один-два дня (или по желанию заказчика)

Наши контакты

Офис в Торонто

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All You Can Eat or You Can Eat it All!

I know some of you are keeping a diet and some not. But anyway, you can taste lots of delicious things little by little wandering with me from one nice place to another.  I’m eager to share my knowledge of this side of my wonderful city with you.  

Let me invite you to a GOURMET tour in Toronto which has lots of places with all kinds of cuisines.

OK. Let’s start with a French breakfast at 9:30 am in a unique French restaurant “Rich Tree” ( former “Marche”) in the heart of downtown Toronto. A cup of coffee or tea with a wide choice of French crepes will make your day lighter.

Then, in order to get rid of some extra pounds, we will walk to the CN Tower and experience a breathtaking view of the modern Toronto from the height of 553.3 m/1815 ft.

After that we will have a lunch at the “Spaghetti Factory” – a wonderful spacious restaurant decorated in a funny style, where you can eat not only pasta but…

Then we will have a walk tour along the main street of Toronto – Yonge street, the longest in Canada, which divides the city into western and eastern parts. You will see historical and modern buildings, theatres, lots of souvenir shops and a huge store- Eaton Mall.

If you are tired and need some boost, we can visit “Pravda” bar – decorated with all symbols of Communist Revolution in Russia of 1917 -1960 and presenting 70 kinds of Vodka in it’s menu. But… it’s up to you either to burn your lunch with spirits or build some fat : -))

So, it’s time to choose the main meal of the day – dinner. By car we can go to any of the three restaurants on your choice:

1. “Frankie Tomatto’s” – funny style Italian buffet – all you can eat -with a great choice of salads, pasta and all kinds of fish, meat and poultry.
2. “Taste of Japan” – Japanese cuisine, where the cook is making your meals in front of you entertaining you like a circus clown.
3. “Red Square” Russian restaurant offering you all kinds of Russian dishes, rich soups and caviars.

After dinner we can play bowling or billiards to cut off some extra kilos gained during that gourmet day.

If you have any special preferences or interests just let me know and we can include into our tour any of the additional restaurants or city attractions on your choice (see Toronto Tour).

Included: Transportation in the automobile and personalized tour guide services. Pick up and drop off at the place convenient for the client.

Entrance tickets are not included. Meals are not included.